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The local land is mostly classed under the prestigious appellation of « Côtes de Provence Ste Victoire », rendered famous by Cézanne, and the cornerstone of this geoclimatic spot.


The vineyards wind their way from the slopes of Mount Olympe across the terraces of Kirbon on a soil which gives the grapes a lovely natural acidity. Shade on the north slopes protects the vines from the sun’s more brilliant rays, allowing a slower ripening which guarantees a wonderful soil/vine combination. Over the years, the vineyards have diversified with such aromatic varieties  as syrah, vermentino, sauvignon or chardonnay, assuring the continuity of great wine production.


Although we still use the traditional vinification methods employed since the cellar’s creation in 1914, we have also invested in technologically advanced machinery. The painstaking attention to detail, right from the planting of the vine, to it’s bottling and conservation in our air conditioned cellars guarantees you a wine of outstanding quality.